Exception Handling Program in Java

  • When a number is divided by zero, for example, int x = 6 / 0; This statement is syntactically correct, but zero can never divide a number mathematically. Hence, an exception is raised.
  • Connecting to a server, but the server is off.
  • Opening a file, but the file is already deleted by someone.
  • Accessing the index that is not present in the array.
    For example, in the statement int arr[] = {7, 8, 9};, the array contains three elements arr[0], arr[1], arr[2], but if someone tries to access arr[10], then it is not possible as 10th index is not present in the array leading to the generation of an exception.
  • When JVM has run out of memory.
  • User is entering some invalid data. For example, someone types 1342 when asked to write his/ her name.

Hierarchical Structure of Exception in Java

The need of handling an Exception

Types of Exception in Java




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