Amansingh Javatpoint
2 min readAug 28, 2021

“Panning is a process or photographic technique that is used to combine slow shutter speed with camera movement to make a speed sense around the moving object.”

We can define panning as a way to keep the main object in focus and blurring the background. The word panning is derived from ‘panorama’ that indicates a broad view. In other words, panning is a device used for constantly exposing and including off-screen space into the image.

If we talk about video technology, Panning is defined as horizontal scrolling of pictures expand over the display. In 3D modeling, panning is referred as the parallel moving to view plane. The camera moves perpendicular to the pointed direction. The image captured by the panning camera is known as a panning shot.

Fig: An Example of Panning shot

  • Advantages of Panning

There are following advantages of Panning:

  1. Shots become more dynamic through panning.
  2. It helps to track the movement of the subject.
  3. It provides a more expensive feel to viewers.


“When we sample a graphical input device’s location at regular intervals and represent a point at each sampled position, then a measure of the device’s motion will be shown. This technique is sharply producing drawing on the paper, called inking.”

  • Use of inking:
  • It is used for online character- recognition programs.
  • It helps to draw sketches, tattoos, etc.