Proxy Meaning

Amansingh Javatpoint
4 min readJun 16, 2021


The word “Proxy” comes from the contracted form of the Middle English word procuracie (meaning “procuration”). Thus, a proxy may refer to someone who is authorized to be present on behalf of another. This authorization can be given to a person by another person who might not do their task itself.

Let’s understand the proxy with an example,

Let’s take an incident of our schooling days. Most of us might have done this notorious act as we use to raise hand on behalf of our friend while the teacher is marking the daily attendance. Still, here the scenario is different; the friend for whom we are raising the hand so that our teacher can mark him present is not even present in class. So what we are doing here we are just working on behalf of our friend who is not physically present at that moment. So we will be called a Proxy here.

Note: The First known use of proxy was made in the 15th century.

We will see a few sentences where we will use the word proxy, but before moving to that section, let’s look at a field where the proxy is being used for a long time.

  1. Proxy in the field of computer science

In Computer Science, the term “proxy server” is vastly being used for a long time. It will be pretty easy to understand this term if we have understood the above definition and example of proxy.

Proxy Server

A proxy server is a computer or a machine with an IP addressbetween the client and the webserver. Its task is to access the targeted web server on behalf of the client to make the client anonymous for the webserver.In other words, we can say that the client uses a server for both, either for requesting a webpage or for getting back the response from the webserver so that the client will not directly interact with the webserver. This scenario is similar to a student getting his attendance marked through his proxy friend without being physically present in the class. So, here the server that is working on behalf of the client is the proxy server.

Working of the proxy server

We will understand the working of the proxy server with a few steps:

  1. The client will request a webpage from the proxy.
  • Then, the proxy server will further request a client’s requested a web page from the webserver.
  • The web server will respond to the proxy server with the requested webpage.
  • The proxy server will keep a copy of the responded page in its cache and will process it to the client.

From the above steps, it is entirely clear that a server called “Proxy server” is working to fulfill the client’s request by coordinating with the webserver on behalf of the client.

Benefits of Proxy Server

Below are the few benefits of the proxy server

  • Using a proxy server, we can access restricted content.
  • We can hide our IP address
  • Using a proxy server, we can monitor internet usage
  • A proxy server can enhance security
  • We can use a proxy server to block the unauthorized source of data
  • Using a proxy server, we can retrieve data at a faster speed

Drawbacks of Proxy Server

  • The proxy owner can track the client activity
  • The connection may not be encrypted
  • Set up cost

Top free web proxies

Here we will list a few free web proxies that we can use to browse the internet world anonymously. We need to pass the URL in the given tab to get access to the webpage.

  1. ProxySite (
  2. Hidester (
  3. CroxyProxy(
  4. (
  5. 4EveryProxy (now:

Top paid web proxies

  1. SmartProxy
  2. OxyLabs
  3. StormProxies
  4. RSocks
  5. NetNut

We can also set up a proxy server manually and automatically in the operating system using the proxy server’s IP address and port number.

  • A proxy voter in an organizational setup and democratic election
  • In an organizational setup, a member of a decision-making body can delegate his or her voting right to someone from the same group to enable a vote in absence.
  • Also, in an Election, An individual who can cast a vote on behalf of someone and cannot be available at its constituency is called a Proxy voter.

Let’s see a few sentences where we will use the word “Proxy.”

  1. He used to access the restricted content through the proxy server to hide its own identity.
  2. We may appoint a proxy to vote for you as you will not be present.
  3. For me, they were like proxy parents.
  4. I am going to send my Proxy to the meeting, as I will be unable to attend.
  5. When my husband and Iare outside the state, my sister is the Proxy to sign the legal document for my child.
  6. Being your Proxy, I will mark your attendance in the college while you will be absent.
  7. You can hire a proxy to keep an eye on your husband in your absence.
  8. India is not in favor of proxy voters as an actual person’s thought may vary from proxy voters, and thus, the proxy voter can choose a candidate on personal bias.
  9. One of the top free proxy servers today being used is the ProxySite.

This much is all about the Proxy meaning for now. Here we have discussed the origin and meaning of the proxy and the use of the proxy word in a different scenario, especially in the context of computer science.